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(A Cry For Help – Opens Friday, Jan. 8th 7-11PM – On View through Feb. 5th, 2010)

You could say that Andrew Hosner and the gang at Thinkspace have a soft spot for our fury, scaled and feathered friends of the world. In 2008 Thinkspace teamed with Born Free USA, a non profit organization that exists for the protection of animals, and hosted a show to support the protection of birds in honor of National Bird Day with Fight For Flight. This year the gallery reconnected with Born Free USA and dedicated their first show of 2010 to A Cry For Help, a group show to benefit the protection of all animals.

Joao Ruas

Born Free USA, companion organization to the Animal Protection Institute (API) has involved the work or artists several times in the past with shows such as “A Bitchin Space” and “The Circus Show and other Atrocities” to raise awareness of the abuses endured by circus animals.”

Amy Sol

I asked Andrew Hosner what sparked this years show.

“I have wanted to do a show of this magnitude since 1st starting the gallery and just been waiting for all to align to really pull it off the best we can. We hosted a somewhat similar show back in January of 2008, Fight For Flight, featured around 50 artists and was co-presented by the Animal Protection Institute. That show ended up being just a great experience and when it came time to take things to the next level I got back in touch with the API and they informed me they had recently merged forces with Born Free to create Born Free USA. We wanted to expand the focus of the show to not only birds, but all animals that are endangered on our planet. With the support of Born Free USA, we started reaching out to artists back in June of this past year. Almost everyone we approached said yes which was super encouraging and all were so behind our idea to help raise some awareness and much needed funds for the folks at Born Free USA. We�ve been working on this one for almost six months and can�t wait for all to see the works in the show and hopefully walk away more knowledgeable and armed with info to hopefully help in some small way.

We�ll also have an exclusive print release or two that will be made available at the opening with all proceeds going to Born Free USA plus animal adoptions and more during the weekend of the opening, so there will be many reasons for folks to come out and check out this very special exhibit in person.”

We spoke with Monica Engebretson at Born Free USA about the influences of animal advocacy and how it reflects on human beings.

Paul Barnes

“I think saving other species and treating other beings as individuals with compassion and respect represents some of the best qualities of humanity,” says Monica. “And I think that is why it resonates with a lot of people. While it may be difficult to put into words, the plight of animals is something that moves us on a very deep and personal level. For some they’ve always felt a connection with animals for others there is an “ah ha” moment later in their life that opens that door in their heart and mind.”

“Others have summed up the importance of these issues better than I ever could so i’ll provide a few of my favorites:

“Each species is a masterpiece. It deserves that rank in the fullest sense: a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.
~ E.O. Wilson”

�The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.�
~Charles Darwin

Buff Monster


Alison Sommers

Jacub Gagnon

Jenny Bird Alcantara

Kelly Mckernan

Scott Belcastro

Wesley Burt

Dolan Geiman

Leontine Greenberg

Jason Limon

Liz Brizzi

Tadaomi Shibuya

Ben Strawn

Edwin Ushiro

Rory Kurtz


Scott Radke

If you’d like to contribute to animal advocacy, here’s some information that might help get you started.

Gallery Preview

Thinkspace Art Gallery
4210 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 913-3375
Born Free USA

Special animal adoptions during the weekend
(Sat, Jan. 9th and Sun, Jan. 10th � 1 to 6PM both days)

Strangest Angels Animal Rescue (dogs and cats)

Bunny World Foundation (Baby Bunnies Rescue)

Life 4 Paws (small dogs)

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