Naoto Hattori is “Out There” and Amazing

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Naoto Hattori (whom we featured in HF vol.7) makes small, detailed paintings of wonderful “Day Mares.” They look like tangential worlds cross-pollinating, colliding. Carl Sagan, Dali, and Leary must be in Hattori’s mix somewhere; sprinkled with a dose of David Lynch perhaps. I can’t stop looking at this flying owl-faced angel person. It says “Hello, motherfucker. Shouldn’t you be doing something else? Fine, keep staring. I’ll just stare back.” It’s a Mona Lisa-like effect, which is proabably a result of Hattori’s numerous tiny reinterpretations of Ms. Mona he’s done. See the artist’s most recent solo show at M Modern and a few of our favorites here!

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