HF First Look: Scott Musgrove bronzes: Behind-the scenes

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We’ve long enjoyed artist Scott Musgrove’s rediscovered world of evolutionary spin-off creatures and his latest bronze sculpture projects are breathtaking. The Great Lesser PlantSampler and The Prairie Boxer” have been in the works for almost a year. Says Musgrove: “I’ve been working with the guys at an amazing bronze foundry in Tucson called Metalphysic Studios. They wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary and I have been wanting to do something in bronze for several years. Turns out it was the perfect match. We all loved the idea of taking some non-traditional imagery and executing it in the most traditional of mediums, bronze. And the size makes them a bit unsettling and confrontational in person. Both sculptures are approximately 5 1/2 ft tall so you end up face-to-face with these unusual beasts.” Take a look at these photos from the last week of the clay-sculpt phase of the process below. And See more of his work in the Hi-Fructose Collected Edition.

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