The Rise of Humpty Dumpty: Brand new Plush from Brandi Milne!

by Annie OwensPosted on

Humpty Dumpty once had a great fall…but he is lovingly resurrected in plush form by the hand of artist, miss Brandi Milne. Her brand new series of of 8 hand made, one of a kind plush Humpty Dumpties are now available exclusively from her and boy they are going fast!

These are so appealing my grabby little hands hope for more in the future. “I will be making more plush, it’s something I’ve done for the past 4-5 years and I enjoy it very much! It’s so different than painting or drawing, it gives me a chance to take a little break when I need to, “ says Brandi. Yay!

The set pictured here are available here.

Brandi will be exhibiting her work further down the line for 2009 at Corey Helford Gallery as part of the Multiplane group show in December, and Vivisect Playset Final Show at Gallery 1988 LA.

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