Summer Group Show: Jonathan Levine Gallery

by Annie OwensPosted on

During Chelsea’s usual offseason hiatus, Jonthan Levine Gallery presents Beach Blanket Bingo – Summer Mixer in the spirit of sunshine and summer fun. This two week long exhibition will feature a unique grouping of 30 emerging and established talents – “some local, others International; some represented, alongside others who will be showing at the gallery for the first time.”

Artists include Adam Wallacavage, AJ Fosik, Alex Hornest (aka: Onesto), Ana Bagayan, Andrew Foster, Anthony Lister, BAST, Cleon Peterson, Dan Witz, Dave Cooper, David Ellis, Elbow-toe, Erik Mark Sandberg, EZO, Glenn Barr, Jack Long, Korin Faught, Logan Hicks, Martin Wittfooth, Matt Haber, Meredith Dittmar, Natalia Fabia, Nicola Verlato, Ray Caesar, Rich Jacobs, Richard Colman, Rick Froberg, Ron English, Scott Radke, Seonna Hong, Skinner, Turf One, and Xiaoqing Ding.

“The Zero Sum Game”, Seonna Hong

“Aztec Death God”, Skinner

“Messengers”, Martin Witfooth

“Landlocked Sailors”, Matt Haber

“Corpse Flower”, Anna Bagayan

“Embrassing Stochasticty (DETAIL)”, AJ Fosik

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