Behind the Scenes: McCarty Shoots Pardee’s Walrus Rider for HF vol.12

by Rue GieselPosted on

Alex Pardee’s (featured in HF vol.1) brand of chaos has been found muralized, on canvas, made into plush, and now, captured in portable three dimensions with the rump slapping Upper Playground Walrus Rider. Go behind the scenes with photographer Brian McCarty as he shoots the nefarious three-legged riding walrus with the help of some friends for Hi-Fructose Vol.12 below!

Brian composing the initial shot angle at Sepulveda Dam

Model Jenny Ladner, Stylist Darragh Marmorstein, andPhotographer Brian McCarty wait for the clouds to break

Brian discusses the character and motivation for themodel

Model Jenny Ladner posing. Her position was marked inchalk at her feet

Camera setup with Jenny in the background at her mark.

Brian fine tuning the pose of the character. Armaturewas attached to both the Walrus and Rider to allow precise positioning.

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