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Bold Hype opens Say When in Orlando, FL

Bold Hype , a hot spot for local and international talent, has an exhibit on view featuring an impressive lineup of artists. "Say When," curated by gallery owner Eric Althin and artist Nathan Spoor, brings a cohesive array of works from 15 artists from near and far to the capitol of the Orlando new contemporary art sphere. Click here to get a peek into the experience.

Bold Hype, a hot spot for local as well as international talent, has an exhibit on view featuring an impressive lineup of artists. “Say When,” curated by visionary gallery owner Eric Althin and yours truly, brings a cohesive array of works from 15 artists from near and far to the capitol of the Orlando new contemporary art sphere. The gallery, a unique experience in fusing a gallery with the core of a humming epicenter of artists, filmmakers, designers and art appreciators, has been a smashing success. The surrounding community not only embraces, but thrives on the fact that Eric and the crew are dreaming up new show concepts and bringing great and influential artists to the forefront of their growing scene.

Below are some of the many highlights that Spoor caught on camera while in Orlando, taking in the sights and sounds of the local life and communities. Take a look below for a look into the weekend’s adventures, mostly of the show. Shots are by whomever had my camera, myself, Lola, Sas, and the couple I ganked off the Bold Hype flickr site.

Before we got into the business of being at the gallery, an impromptu trip to the Dali museum in St.Pete was called for. Here we see Dan May’s wife Ken Doll (on right) doing something possibly obscene? We don’t know, she only speaks Swedish.

Ah, the gratuitous “through the window with the title” shot. I never get tired of seeing those.

The gallery has a great neighborhood and clientele that make for a spillover into a cozy parking lot party. It was a super friendly and enthusiastic lot. Even with a couple beverages, the swerviest of the group was just a happy camper and all around are good souls. There’s a real sense of cooperation and positivity around the place.

And here are a few shots of the setup before they opened the doors.

The far wall has Colin Johnson and the right side is Dan May. They knocked it out for the show.

I was really stoked on having this addition to the works. Eric came up with this idea a week or so ago and it worked brilliantly. The latest works have begun sprouting hot air balloons, and he managed to find different size balloons to suspend so it seemed they were coming from the painting in the middle.

The amazing Kathie Olivas and hubbie Brandt Peters, with a curiously faced Francesco LoCastro in the background.

Michael Page has the magic of backgrounds.

The lovely Miss Marchman and her works, visiting from Atlanta.

Nathan Spoor and entranced onlooker.

The hilarious and fun work of Andrew James Jones from Britain.

Ohhhhh the awesomeness of Charlie Immer!

Bethany Marchman

A couple choice Ken Keirns’ works.

The man with the plan, Eric Althin, pretending to look busy.

Dan May’s first ever oil painting.

DJ for the evening, Cornerslice.

Hypercollage by Colin Johnson. Some of this is collage, some is paint, enter if you dare.

More Dan May newness.

This new Lola masterpiece is great up close, and the frame is 1800’s and so delicate.

Martin Wittfooth never ceases to amaze.

It’s difficult to understand from a photo, but the Jason Limon paintings are actually some sort of design puzzle. The pieces are cut-outs pieces together to form the painting, and gracefully floated on a custom background.

The exhibition is accompanied by a handsome and very limited edition catalog. Perhaps there are a couple left, but I didn’t see them.

Nathan Spoor and the layers of the enlightened man on parade.

I stood near Michael Page’s work throughout the evening and heard, many times, that people wanted to see more of this sort of thing. Oh if only they knew what Michael has in store for them they would melt in their shoes.

Colin Christian, Francesco LoCastro, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters: the Florida crew of art minded road warriors.

Check that out, more greatness from Charlie Immer.

Andrew James Jones works were hysterical. This one is “I think you better get tested.”

Oooh, and new Amy Sol’s too!

The wall of Colin Johnson’s miniature paintings. Check that spread out, wow!

Scott Scheidly (pronouced Shy-dlee), as I butchered it right out of the box. I also asked a brother / sister duo how long they’d been together or how they work out being on different coasts. It was a good weekend for the foot in mouth disease.

Nathan Spoor. One viewer actually stopped me at one point and insisted that he believed at first that the works were lightbox works. That means the frames and varnishes are working, and that the lighting didn’t suck at all!

And with that, the cuteness of a Martin Wittfooth sculpt takes us on our way. Looking forward to more from the Orlando bunch, so we’ll keep a wary eye out for them to rattle the cage of their Winter Park surroundings again. For now, thanks and go make some cool stuff, will ya?

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