Hi-Fructose Overdose Preview 3- Keyes, Kuksi, KMNDZ, May, and Mia

by Rue GieselPosted on

We’re thrilled with all the new work that keeps pouring in for our big Overdose show at CoproGallery in Santa Monica! The art exhibition features 60 amazing artists. Here’s a few previews from KMNDZ’s most impressive piece, (complete with details), Dan May’s beautiful “Temptation of Cora,” Mia’s amazing “The Temptress,” Kris Kuksi’s spactacular sculpture “The Recreation” and Josh Keyes startling dynamic painting painted for the show here!

Kuksi’s “The Recreation”

Kuksi’s “The Recreation” (Detail)

Josh Keyes

KMNDZ (painting with details below it)

Dan May


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