Bold Hype – Mythology Mural Show

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Exciting things are bubbling across the span of states in the land of Floridians. Orlando’s fine art connoisseurs at Bold Hype have come up with a very interesting take on the temporary nature of the art show. Over the span of a week, they closed their doors for a small troop of local talent to transform the space into their versions of the mythic state of their craft.

Currently on exhibit at Bold Hype in Orlando, FL is the epic wall jam known as their “M” exhibit. The theme, conjured up by owner / operator Eric Althin and friend and local artist Decoy, centers around 10 artists’ views of the mythological themes pertaining to their own tastes and work. Each artist secured at least 8 x 8 feet of first come / first serve wall space to create their temporary masterpieces over which they would hang their unique painted surfaces. 

The following images document the week of preparation, during which some artists made marathon art sessions and rolled out with just enough sanity to greet the crowd of eager patrons and viewers.

Room in progress

Andrew Spear making his marks

Charles Marklin beginning his central portion of wall space

Marklin assembling wall installation

David Hoskins painting his monster to life 

midway to the end

Dres13 begins his wall underpainting  

Dres13 making major progress 

Dustin Orlando halfway through his mythological background, presumably of himself 

br/>The gang is hard at it, way way into the night. This is after mucho time logged already in the week. 

Jeff Riggan painting finishing touches on his area.

Morgan Steel’s finished presentation-ready spot 

David Hoskins finished installation

Main room complete and setting up for the opening

Each artist’s space was accompanied by a handy presentation of their mythological intentions 

EDres13 (detail)

Charles Marklin’s finished installation

One of Andrew Spear’s many fine lined friends

A good time was actually had by all, enthusiastically, for this was a celebration of the impermanent nature of the mural, public and private. Thanks for coming out, Viking man. And you also, fellow viewers. Until next time…

-Brought to you by Nathan Spoor

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