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HF First Look: 4 Video Interviews with Todd Schorr: “American Surrealist”!

Four great interviews with master painter Todd Schorr, discussing his process, influences, and more. Northern California’s San Jose Museum of Art will present a retrospective on master surrealist Todd Schorr The exhibition, curated by SJMAs Senior Scholar and Curator of Collections Susan Landauer, is accompanied by a book published by Last Gasp, San Francisco. Stay tuned for more exclusive coverage for the show here at Hi-Fructose, behind the scenes blog posts, and the launch of Hi-Fructose vol.12, which includes an in-depth feature on Schorr at the San Jose Museum of Art.
The Todd Schorr: “American Surrealist” Exhibition runs June 20 through September 16, 2009 at the San Jose Museum of Art.

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I'm always amazed on how many people haven't seen Maywa Denki, the "company" of art rocker toy/music/robotic genius geniis responsible for permanently shifting the state of reality .00001 degrees in the right direction; just enough so that everything seems that much more redicul...redonkul...redic...awesome. Here's their kids show I just finally discovered. I love the second part where they get all folky, too. I'm going to start a rumor of a Maywa Denki/Friends With You/Toykestra/Toy Death/Cookie Mongoloid/Twink/Captured By Robots tour and maybe it'll happen if we wish hard enough. You can see more of them in The HF Collected Edition.

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