Superschool: Curated by Lola

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The second part of the exhibition adventure, as mentioned previously, is the fantastical group exhibition that presided in the adjoining gallery: Superschool. This little slice of goodness features the works of a solid crew of contemporary and highly skilled painters. Please join us as we continue our viewing…

Scott Musgrove

Travis Louie

I actually had the chance to meet Mia for the first time. Seriously, the sweetest and petitest, and she’s got a clone, so don’t be freaked out if you see double.

Gary Baseman

A group appreciation shot in the making, for Kevin Peterson’s  big oil piece.

Tiffany Bozic

The magic of Dan May

A really nice piece from Sas Christian

The latest from Francesco LoCastro

Nathan Spoor

Ana Bagayan

Amy Sol

Carrie Ann Baade

Lola, far right, takes a minute to pause in the room with Mom, center, and her sister, far left.

Solid piece from Brian Viveros

Wow, this Heiko Mueller piece is so alive. It’s almost hypnotic.

Kevin Peterson gives himself a a well-placed thug hug.

That Micheal Page can really work out some settings, and how.

A new oil on paper work by Tin.

Camille Rose Garcia

The amazing Kris Lewis

Ahhhhh, this attempt to capture the Martin Wittfooth painting is so sad. The painting is amazing in person, no doubt!

The new Chris Ryniak piece, that I believe we got a glimpse of in his little spotlight thing a couple weeks back.

And what night is really complete without the greatness that is Chet Zar. Seriously, it’s a better day with Chet.

Top is Naoto Hattori, below is Chet Zar, the far right is Dan Quintana. I had a fun conversation with Dan, but had some sort of difficulty getting any shots of the fellow. We had a very fascinating discussion on how he mixes his paints and achieves his finish in a short time period. And if I could type it all out from memory and spoil the fun of viewing his work… seriously, it wouldn’t make a difference. In fact, you’d be thrilled to hear how he goes on a detailed, almost scientific, portrayal of his process. I was dizzy and amazed to hear it, and moreso when I took another look at the painting. So without further muddying the waters, here’s a better view of that as we depart…

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