An Interview Bob Dob at Billy Shire Fine Arts

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Catching up with Bob Dob (HF Vol.10) at his opening last weekend, February 14th at BSFA:

I had the chance to catch up with superstar painter and all around nice guy, Bob Dob, at his recent opening at Billy Shire Fine Arts.

Along with being gracious enough to pose with every person that came by and wanted a hug, he was willing to let us in on what he’s been up to lately and what he’s got in the mix for the future.


So Bob, tell us a little about the thoughts or ideas that brought you to create this body of work for your current show.

I try to always have a narrative or theme for each show I’m working on. For this show I tapped into memories growing up in Hermosa Beach California.

How much preparation goes into a piece, or a group of works?

The smaller paintings start out as rough sketches and I’ll usually transfer the rough sketch directly onto a canvas and work out the details on canvas. But the larger paintings go through a process from lots of thumbnail sketches to tighter sketches until I feel comfortable with it and then I’ll scan it into Photoshop to scale and tile it, print it out and transfer it.

You had quite a few of your students from Otis at the show, and a very nice and appreciative group at that. How long have you been a prof. and just how do you manage to find the time for both a teaching and gallery work?

I’ve been teaching for 5 years at Otis College of Art and Design. It takes alot of patience at times but it’s worth it when they graduate and have some success. The group that was at this show are extremely talented. They were participating in gallery shows at a junior level. My classes take up about 9 hours a week so it doesn’t interfere with my commercial and gallery work.

How has having a book expanded your fan base, and did introducing a vinyl toy piece change anything?

Having a book is a huge marketing tool for any artist. Even if it’s a small zine type book like mine it brings your artwork to a larger audience. The vinyl is also something that broadened my fan base. It was fun seeing a character I created in 3D. It inspired me to maybe start doing some bronze sculptures for a future show.

One or more of your characters are definitely recurring. Can you give us a breakdown or psych profiles on these?

I see all my paintings as continuing stories in a way. Some of my previous paintings might have a character that will cross paths with a character in a current work. They are all a mixture of different personalities, kind of like, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Since you’re such an approachable and mellow fellow, I’m sure you have a chance to chat with lots of interesting people. What sort of things do you find being asked the most?

A lot of people comment that I either “look like the characters in my work” or “I pictured you with tattoos and orange hair”. The latter seem a bit disappointed.

What does the future hold for the Bob of Dob?

I have twins due in June. A boy and a girl. I already have a son so that’s going to be huge. I need to get as much work done as possible. I’m excited about participating in the Hi Fructose group show in April. I’m also creating graphics for a baby/toddler clothing line coming out called Imp Clothing.

Any parting words, knowledge or words of wisdom for the greater populace?

Life is good. 

-Brought to you by artist Nathan Spoor, Contributing Editor, Hi-Fructose Online

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