Art Roll Pt.II: Joe Vaux “Manimal”/Dan May “Slow Collision”

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Our second stop, and final destination for the art roll, is the home of solo exhibits for Joe Vaux and Dan May. With that beautiful window of cool fresh (and rainless) air, the crowd at CoproNason Gallery was in a festive and appreciative mood. Well, with good measure, for they were in for a visual treat of some magnitude. Dan and Joe’s work really compliments the other quite well.

I found out that both went to Syracuse University in New York, though at separate times. And with strong desire for being creative, they each managed to carve out their respective niches to preside for one favorable.

Joe Vaux, godblesshim, just can’t contain his excitement at having a whole room of folks to gawk at his fancy wares.

But he soon composes himself just enough (or stands still just long enough actually) to give us a shot of him in front of his custom “Manimal” art show announcement. Joe’s an awesome cat, I was sad to have missed his dad. Meet Joe’s dad and you can see how he’s a chip off the old block.

Awe for the Vaux. This lovely lass was transfixed for a good bit.

For some reason this piece makes me smile. Maybe it’s the crazy look in those eyes. “A Fuse is Lit”, acrylic on panel.

One of my favorite pieces of the Vaux, “Tricked by Treats”.

This was the scene pretty much the whole night – jammed and happy.

Joe concentrates really hard for each question he’s asked by fans.

Another choice piece, “Part III (tryptich)”.

Next we traveled into the gallery that boasted new works from fantastical painter Dan May – Slow Collision.

Dan’s progression as an artist is something to behold. Here is his largest piece for the exhibit, “Curious Dreamers Wander the Solitude”.

Artist and muse Lola leaning into a fan shot with art aficionado Daniel Fountain.

“The Moment Before Waking”

Dan and wifey Kendalpoo

“That Which Connects Divides Us”

Dan May and the very curious peoples.

“His Discovery Would Change the World”

Dan also released a new print with the gallery, his first: “Tea For Two”

Our last image for the roll is the control console of the gallery, complete with director Gary Pressman at the helm showing only part of their selection of high quality prints.Thanks for traveling what amounted to being friendly skies with us this fine evening, and see you again soon!

-Brought to you by the goodness of artist Nathan Spoor

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