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Tuesdays are not the usual fare for an art outing, nor are they the norm for openings. But as you can see below, Tuesday was possibly the perfect moment for the debut solo show for the super talented and equally wonderful Brandt Peters. Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles hosted the festive event, boasting a turnout of loving fans and appreciation for the artist and his admirably wondrous better half, Kathy Olivas. The exhibit features a broad spectrum of Brandt’s talents, including original paintings, drawings, custom toys, sculptures, and even a couple of the coveted collaborations between said husband / wife creative duo. Take a look below, into the happenings of the night…

Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters in front of a singularly fascinating specimen of their intertwined efforts.

“Slap Cackle” sculpture with actual burning wick and possibly explosive bomb.

Brandt shows more of the reach of his vision by bringing “Ink Slinger #5 & Ride” to life.

Brandt manages to attain a vintage feel with his richly minimal mixed media “Abandoned Playground Series” pieces.

Ahhh, here’s a picture for the records. The very affable Jason Biggs, his lovely wifey Jenny Mollen Biggs and the man with the plan, gallery aficionado Jensen Karp.

An appropriate shelving option for the “Mr. Muggles” and “Slap” toy characters.

Brandt also had a few Komik Kard pieces on hand, vintage hardboard cards with custom drawings finely etched into their facade.

I believe that’s The Chung peering longingly at the “Cargo” and “Prince” oil on found object pieces on the “Squid Skull’s” shelf.

A fine example of the artist’s hand at work, “Tattooed Lady & the Ink Slinger”, showcasing Peters’ fine economy of oil on canvas.

Men of the hour: Travis Louie (left), the Greg.Craola.Simkins, and tiny Simkins (Isaac, far right).

A better view of the coveted Peters / Olivas collaboration, “Faithful”. The picture here doesn’t do it justice, trust us on that.

I couldn’t say what it is, but these characters have so much personality. Introducing, the “Sour Kids”.

The Travis Louie mugs it up with a very happy BP and KO.

And the rest of the gang checks in for some face time (left to right): Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Travis Louie, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Lola.

“Between the Devil and the Deep”

“Peacemaker” and “Peacemaker Banner”. I believe that Peacemaker actually makes the sound you think it does. But with a full room, there was no need to cause an alarm. We decided to leave that to its lucky owner to crank out, if at all. And thus, we bid adieu to the wonderful times and our pals on that fine Tuesday evening!

-Brought to you by the goodness of Nathan Spoor

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