McCarty’s “Lorraine Hotel”

by Attaboy AdminPosted on

Photographer Brian McCarty’s new photo “Lorraine Hotel” is doing just what was intended: “to foster discussion” since being posted at Boing Boing. Feel free to join the discussion there and see the photo being exhibited at the Manifest Hope Gallery. Brian’s comment from his Flickr posting: “The primary reason for placing Obama at the Lorraine is to foster discussion. Race is the elephant in the room, explored some, but perhaps not as much as it should have been. Obama was the only candidate NOT to visit the Lorraine, probably because he couldn’t politically. Why not is an important question to discuss. As for the exact placement in the scene, it was very purposeful. There was a far better composition nearer to the actual spot, but I didn’t like the implications – yes, the tragic ending, but furthermore the elevation of Obama to MLK’s level. He is coming up the stairs, paying respect, and perhaps taking the torch. Time will tell. Much like the other artists in the exhibition, I have a great deal of hope for the future and for Obama. I believe he is up to the task.”

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