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-By Nathan Spoor

November 22nd through January 18th: This year the XFUNS crew really outdid themselves. They managed to have a serious little exhibition in the heart of Taipei’s Museum of Contemporary Art. They called it XFUNS Gala 08: X=Secret. And apparently it boasted a tastemaker group of artists and viewers alike.

It usually goes like this: a very polite and curious email arrives from the editor asking if I would like to participate in some exhibit or idea that the owner has worked out for the XFUNS crew to flesh out. It might take an email or three to figure out exactly what is going on, or if actual art is expected, but it’s always something worth being involved in.

This year we were given free reign as to what the final art would be, as long as it was 3D. I say “this year” and reference the company as if we’ve worked together before – and that’s because we have. Each time they ask for something different. It’s never a painting, or a drawing or a toy. It’s generally a bizarre mixture of all the properties at the artist’s disposal, and the deadline is fairly easy to work from.

So this time out the new editor reached out to say that the exhibition’s context would be completely at the artists’ disposal. All we had to do, was to interpret the “meaning of X” in the most creative means possible.

The theme for this year is X=Secret. “X” embodies a myriad collection of imagination and creativity. Organized by art creator Akibo Lee, this exhibition has Daniel Lee, a Taiwan artist and a long-term traveler in the US, Nick Veasey, a leading art philosopher in England, and Huang Hsinchien, a Taiwan artist who excels in digital sculpting and interactive devices.

(Mr. Johnson, owner and publisher of the XFUNS dealio busting a serious pose with the Nathan Spoor piece.)

Moreover, this exhibition extends the originality of “My XFUNSer” by inviting well-known designers from Taiwan and abroad, including Push, Shout, Viva girl, MR.EYEBALL, Gamania Creative Center, Starlight Chen, Ellen Tseng, Ultraman, Erik Siador and Nathan Spoor etc. to create unique My XFUNSer figures. Works in this exhibition fully represent their creators’ distinctive styles and their interpretation of X, inspiring viewers to engage in a more diverse and creative brainstorming. Furthermore, the nominated works and award-winning works of the X-CUP Design Awards are also on display in this event. Moca Taipei invites you to discover the spirit of youth and creation in these works of art!


Having seen something unexplainable in the sky around the time of the email, I was thinking that it would be fun to explore the possibilities of visitation suits for aliens. And what new form better suited that than the X?

Below are my sketches and story for the piece in the exhibit

Due to the challenges of appearing in a physical form while attempting to communicate to the terrestrial inhabitants, a new presentation was deemed necessary. The Council met and agreed upon a new form, “X”. This was thought by all supply many solutions to a majority of the trials of appearing physically before local intelligent life.

The latest incarnation,“Visitation Suit X”, is agreed upon by the majority of The Council to offer the most satisfying experience to both the Visitor as well as the Contact Individual. The new suit offers a consistent and comfortable environment for the physical nature being provided the Visitor in various physical dimensions. At the same time, it also provides a familiar basis of reference for the Contact Individual to focus on while Communication is taking place.

At all times, three (3) Elder Members of The Council will be present during Communication. Though usually unseen, the Elder Members may elect to take the form or characteristics of surrounding nature or simplistic monolithic architecture. The Elder Members continue their role as Dimensional Regulator, assessing needs within the Communication Process.

(shown above)
“Contact” Acrylic on panel
20 x 17 inches

Nathan Spoor

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