Alex Pardee’s “Letters from Digested Children”

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Kids write the cutest letters, filled with grammar and spelling mistakes, especially when they are slowly being digested in the slime filled bowels of a monster’s stomach. It’s hard to focus on anything other then “Help Me. please….” or “the acid burns my eyes” or as one of the letters from Alex Pardee’s show decries: “I want to come home to eat the pancakes. It’s icky in here…” I had an advance preview of the show at Upper Playground, where the walls were littered with case file reports from hospital and police, hand written notes from the children trapped in Pardee’s paintings, and a huge sculptural monstrosity (complete with a video screen belly depicting a live action child surrounded by the BBQ bowels of a captor). Brave a selection of images from the night courtesy of the surprisingly crappy Casio Exilim here. Congrats to Pardee on such a great show.

MathMagician Steve Pav (left), Alex Pardee (right) and me in the center, absorbing their genius energy like a a Dark Crystal Skxzy bird thing.

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