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Video Party with Junko Mizuno

Who better to end 2008 with than Japan’s Junko Mizuno? Sugary sweet and always fucked-up, here’s a calvalcade of video icing to top off your year-end bitter sweet cake. Watch Junko get interviewed by an Englishman as well as a strange sashimi ritual, a recent show of Junko and Miss Van and Aiko Nakagawa at Merry Karnowski, and more below… and look for Miss Mizuno in the long awaited Hi-Fructose Collected Edition.

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  More and More, a London-based design studio, strives to create 3D imagery and video that has both a “distinctive and unexpected tone of voice.” Launched just last year by Carl Burgess and Tom Darracott, the studio breathes life and realistic motion into inflatable characters, delicate fur, and other uncommon material. The group even mesmerizes with a golden ribbon, piling onto itself.

We've always wanted to print Pes' work in Hi-Fructose, but printing it in two dimensions would never do his work justice. Here's the way it was meant to be seen, with exploding clown heads, pancake asteroids, and furniture copulation, moving. For the pleasure of the entire family... See more of the amazing Pes and get a loop of the candy corn Yule Log for your ipod here.

We first saw this video about a year ago, but couldn't find a way to put it into the print magazine. Sako Kojima is a sculptor, painter, and the most convincing hamster we've ever seen. Her installation/performance "Why I Became a Hamster" included treats, housing, chew toys, and food, all scaled to her size. Kinda makes you want to pet her behind the ears.

Mark Jenkins (HF Vol.5) set up his appropriately themed "Golden Ass" sculpture in a tourist trap row in Barcelona, where living statue street buskers feed on coins from the passersby, The sculptures dedication to it's inanimate role is astounding and certainly worthy of the large amount of coin he gathered! Sometimes you get exactly what you paid for. More Jenkins here.

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