Dreamscapes, Sneak Peek

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Definition Gallery presents Dreamscapes, a group show featuring a terrific lineup of artists: Dan May, Jason Limon, Michael Page, Benji Williams, Martin Wittfooth, Andy Kehoe, Benjamin Lacombe, Chris Ryniak and Colin Johnson. Dreamscapes is a show exploring the mysterious nocturnal landscapes and their inhabitants that all come alive as we sleep. This is a really great looking show which opens Friday November 7th at 7p.m.

Chris Rayniak’s ‘Itchy and Content in the Eye of the Storm’. This adorable creature may or may not be fierce when he’s not resting in a patch of wildflowers…

‘Paralysis’ by Martin Witfooth

‘A Dispute on the Trail’, Michael Page

Part of a new series of paintings is, ‘Unsuspecting and Approaching Danger’, by Michael Page. The two innocent but naive protagonists, intrude on the villain’s territory and are in dire peril of suffering the consequences.

Benji Williams

Dan May continues to straddle the line between heavenly dreams and nightmares. ‘The Monster Between Us’ is one of his darkest yet.

‘Cost of Living’ Andy Kehoe

‘Passenger’ Jason Limon

Gallery preview…

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