Kukula Preview: The Princess Express

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The Princess Express, new works by Bay Area artist, Kukula, opens 8 p.m., Saturday November 8th at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica. This new set of paintings reflect a very personal note by the artist, originally from Israel, around finding new ground in a strange land. The show runs through November 29th.

ABOUT THE PRINCESS EXPRESS: “The Princess Express is a travel agency that provides especially slow transport to fragile creatures–like princesses and their teddybear companions. Four years ago I moved to the US, but somehow I still don’t feel like I’ve entirely arrived. Physically I’m here of course, but the long journey from one home to another isn’t yet done…

The Arrival

Crossing the ocean is a continuing emotional slog. I read somewhere once that jetlag is the time it takes for your soul to catch up with you when an airplane has taken you unnaturally far unnaturally fast…

Sleeping on the Way

My soul prefers older means of travel, like sail boats. Unfortunately it seems to have been becalmed somewhere on the high Atlantic. So this show is about long journeys to uncertain destinations. I approached each painting like it was a page of a travel diary recording the muted hopes, disorientation, or just plain weariness of a lost soul.” -Kukula

Princess Express

Are We There Yet

Sneek Peaks…

Copro Nason Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave., T5
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Kukula will also be participating in, Morbid Fantasies, a three person show with Sita Rupe, and Brittany Howard, at Femina Potens in San Francisco, 7pm – 10pm, so if you’re local, check it out at the corner of Market and Sanchez.

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