A Visit to Long Gone John’s

by Kirsten AndersonPosted on

Seeing an art collectors home is always fun, especially when the collector has one of the more impressive collections of Lowbrow and Pop Surrealism around. Sunday I swung by to see how my pal, and newly minted NW resident Long Gone John, was getting on in decorating his wood cabin-esque 1970’s modern mini palace. A sprawling labyrinth of rooms and hallways, it is a perfect setting for John’s truly formidable collection of art, toys, music, and oddities. (In fact-John and his collection are the subject of their very own documentary ” The Treasures of Long Gone John.”)

While a huge percentage of John’s collections is still in boxes and paintings are stacked in rows and rows in spare rooms, I managed to take a few pics of some choice items hanging around.

Walking in the front door you are greeted by a phalanx of gnomes….

A giant bunny sculpture by Gary Taxali frowns upon your shenanigans from the upstairs office. (A painting by Alex Gross hangs on the left)

The view is ok. (and the piles of scary dolls seem to enjoy it)

Yes. It is.

A Todd Schorr and Robert Williams in the livingroom.

Part of one of the bedroom walls

bedroom wall ephemera

Stuff with Fafi

A particularly striking painting by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith

John is camera shy but I snuck this adorable shot

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