Fallen: Carlos Huante and Jose Ismael Fernandez

by Rue GieselPosted on

Over the past few years Varnish Gallery has become the SF destination for sculpture and fien crafted dark outlooks. Take their current show “Fallen” featuring sculptor Jose Ismael Fernandez and the deep rooted images of Carlos Huante as case in point. The work is undeniably fine crafted and breath taking. Jose Ismael Fernandez’ bronzes drags your eyes around, pulling your body around each piece, distorting realistic human forms in dynamic, unexpected ways. The forms, however mostly human, address biblical themes and they ripple like water when you see them in person. Carlos Huante showcases his latest series of new media paintings and prints. “Says Huante, “I like to find the truths that I believe in every day life and talk about those things through my work.” Seems like Carlos’ everyday involves soul eating, the constant ripping of the flesh, and lots of bandages. If you’re in the area be sure to check out the show. If not, here are a few images to peep at.

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