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Video: Gary Baseman on Sketch Theatre

Gary Baseman on Sketch Theatre Sketch Theatre.

Gary Baseman on Sketch Theatre Sketch Theatre.

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Japanese product producers Maywa Denki were featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 3. "Maywa Denki demonstrate product like surgeons, operating sounds on their nonsense machines seemingly made out of a mixture of the carcasses of animals, people, old-time diving suits, scissors, and acoustic guitars..." People always want to know if their products really work and what they sound like, so here are two informative videos to knock on your mind.

Matthieu Bessudo is a fantastic young French Artist residing in England whom we interviewed in Vol.8 of Hi-Fructose (now at press!) Here is a reel showing some of the drawings that we'll be showing in the article, brought to life, as well as clips of his animations.

Nate Frizell on Sketch Theater

Sketch Theatre Artist Nate Frizzell creates a sketch video for The Mountain Goats/Aesop Rock remix of "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" / 4AD Records. - Also check out new videos from time-lapse drawings from Cameron Davis, Gary Baseman, Nick Baxter and many more. here.

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