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Baby Tattooville: Recap

Well, we're back from this year's outing from what looks to be turning in to a fun and unique annual event. I'm talking about Baby Tattooville; held at the historic, lovely and slightly creepy Riverside Mission Inn hotel.

Well, we’re back from this year’s outting from what looks to be turning in to a fun and unique annual event. I’m talking about Baby Tattooville; held at the historic, lovely and slightly creepy Riverside Mission Inn hotel.

Featured artists this year were Ana Bagayan, Glenn Barr, Shag, Brandi Milne, Amy Sol, Jeff Soto, Dave Cooper, Danile Peakock, Joe Ledbetter, Bob Dob, Michael Whelan and surprise guest, Thomas Han. Visiting artists from last year were Luke Chueh, Tim Biskup, Gris Grimly and Lola.

Three artists are already confirmed for next year, including Audrey Kawasaki, Travis Louie and Liz McGrath (oh my gosh!). It’s already shaping up for an amazing line up.

Activity fun time:

la Art Jam finale

Amanda Visell

(L-R) Bob Dob, Daniel Peacock and Shag, early stages of the artjam collaborative

Glenn Barr and Joe Ledbetter

Bob Dob

Dave Cooper (center) & Brandi Milne (right) figure drawing

Gris Grimly

Joe Lebetter signing boxes of the “Ledkins,” figure. A collaboration between he and Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins – hence the name.

“LedKins,” figure, part of the Vivisect Playset produced by Strangeco.

Bod Dob’s “Black Eye” Luey. Unlike the original Luey’s, these fellows all had at least one black eye but the rarer version sported two shiners. All bruises hand painted in by Bob himself.

Luey army. This small batch who hadn’t yet been “bruised”, were to be painted in on site.

Brandi Milne’s hand painted books and matchbooks.

Brandi Milne

Michael Whelan working on one of the 29 pieces he completed during the event. Each attendee was invited to scribble a few lines on a piece of canvas which Michael then turned into individual finished works of art. He worked tirelessly to complete 29, the remaining will be finished, signed and sent to their respective new owners. I think this one started as two circles but perhaps it was a squiggly lines… amazing.

Ana Bagayan

Glenn Barr sketch

Bob Self himself

Shag and Amy Sol

Billy Shire and Glenn Barr

Shag (he’s nice)

Nathan Spoor adds his fanciness

Glenn Barr

Thomas Han presents “Animal Pusher.” A limited variation of the “Pusher”, which was released last year by Munky King. More on “Animal Pusher” here

Exhausted and bleary eyed, Paper or Plastik, worked through the night to produce canvas prints for each visitor, an amazing feat considering the normal turnaround print time for something like that and the prints turned out beautifully. They also experimented on wood this time and were able to create a few for each artist present. 10 more were exclusively available for purchase for event attendees only.

Later Saturday evening we took a two block walk down to the Riverside Art Museum for a “members only” style exclusive reception sponsored by Billy Shire Fine Arts. Click the “Next” button below to read more.

Among some of the beautifully exhibited work was this by Lola – if you’ve never glimpsed her work up close well… you should!

Lola, detail

Lola, detail

Tara McPherson

Tim Biskup sculpture.

Tim Biskup, photo courtesy of my tall friend Beau LeBasse

Gris Grimly

Bob Dob

Jeff Soto

Amy Sol

Shag, part of an impressive wall sized triptych on the far side of the gallery

Brandi Milne

Luke Chueh

For more information you might visit Vinyl Pulse.

photos by Jill Gerstenberger and Annie Owens.

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