Show Preview: Michael Page

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Michael Page’s solo show New Beginning’s opens tomorrow August 9th, at Copro Nason gallery.
Mankind has always struggled to control and occupy new land. Through domination and subsequent obliteration, a cycle of violence, sorrow, and hardship follow the path of power. As an observer trying to make sense of this, I felt the need to depict early settlers engulfed in troubled and dark times. They witness a backdrop of beauty, only to peer deeper into the shadows for a more macabre truth. Life is about balance though, and for there to be evil, good must also exist. It is my feeling that once man forges a true relationship with not only itself, but with the land, a universe of abundance will prevail.

To Hold Down The One With The Heart Of Metal

Stop Poking And Pay Attention

The Larutan Wolf

Yet Another Attack At Dusk

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