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Video: Alexis McKenzie

This video is from Matt Petty’s Art Adventures for the San Francisco Chronicle’s website: “I stopped by Alexis Mackenzie’s studio the other day and talked with her as she looked through old books and illustration plates. She was cutting out images of fish, butterflies, birds and wildflowers and fitting them together to form new types of plants. “I kind of see it as Pseudoscience, it’s almost like genetic engineering,” she explains, her scissors carefully maneuvering the edge of a butterfly.

“Her hybrid creations (are) on display as a part of a group show called Point of Paradox, at Hang Art Annex. She’s also a part of At the Movies, a group show at Giant Robot SF.”

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On January 24th, Gen Art members celebrated the 2010 Grammys at the private Opening Exhibition and Party of artist portraits of Grammy-nominated artists, curated by artist Kris Lewis, with support from

As a follow up to last year's successful "Worlds on Fire" artist exhibition, this year, Dipdive, and the Grammy Foundation will present "Who Killed the Music?" art collection that will help kick-off Grammy Week at The Target Terrace on January 24th-27th . The gallery will host 15 pieces from the hottest contemporary surrealist artists, which will present a new and powerful perspective on the state of music today.

A portion of the proceeds for all works sold will be donated to the Grammy Foundation and Scholarship Foundation.

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