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Twoone, featured here, is a multidisciplinary Japanese artist currently living and working in Berlin perhaps most recognized for his animal portraits. His latest works, which he will debut in an open studio event, explore a range of new themes like psychology, anthropology, and the structure of nature, all inspired by his memories. We got to visit his studio ahead of the crowd last week, where we went behind the scenes of his process. At the moment, Twoone is experimenting with a new material – acrylic pieces that are displayed in a light box format. See more after the jump.

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Known on the street by his alias TwoOne (a name that is nearly impossible to Google successfully), Hiroyasu Tsuri is a Japanese-born, Berlin-based artist whose interdisciplinary practice extends from murals and paintings to sculptures and ritualistic performances. The artist is interested in the concept of masks as a way to deduce the universal qualities of human psychology. His anthropomorphic animal portraits — though they may recall many types of mythologies, from Japanese to Native American — are devoid of a specific cultural context. Instead, TwoOne attempts to tap into the traits that make all human beings tick. His massive murals exhibit curiosity, jealousy, lust and loneliness, tying a thread between the experiences of humans and other creatures.