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Portuguese street artist Add Fuel cleverly combines tradition and modernity in his murals, which borrow the techniques of a traditional style of Portuguese glazed tile work called azulejo. At a first glance, the blue, ornate glazed patterns of azulejo remain intact, but upon closer inspection, one begins to make out whimsical, cartoon-inspired characters in the classic designs. Add Fuel is also a commercial illustrator and toy designer, and the surreal creatures embedded in his tile work evoke a Pop-inspired aesthetic. He frequently juxtaposes clashing tile patterns to create images and text within the decorative motifs, resulting in many images hidden within images. Take a look at some of his recent work below.

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Interesni Kazki detail

While the collectors were busy at the fairs during Miami Art Week, street artists descended upon the Wynwood neighborhood to add new murals to the urban landscape, with thousands of eager tourists with cameras at the ready following not far behind. While many murals from past years have been preserved, we spotted new additions by the likes of Interesni Kazki, Nychos (who painted five separate walls), Faith47, Alexis Diaz, Swoon, Cleon Peterson, and many others. Colorful new pieces spilled out of the designated Wynwood Walls area and into the neighborhood. Several artists, such as Pixel Pancho, So Youn Lee, Nychos, and Bikismo, painted at the Jose de Diego Middle School, where, as we learned, arts funding has recently been cut. Check out some of our street art highlights below.

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Drawing in talent from all over the world, the Life is Beautiful Festival recently wrapped up in Las Vegas. The event brings together many different art forms and aspects of culture, such as music and food, but the street art installations are at the forefront of the festival. Its outdoor gallery, curated by Charlotte Dutoit of Justkids, takes over 15 blocks of the city. Life is Beautiful is now in it’s second year, returning with the addition of a few new twists including an abandoned motel that houses 6 separate installations, each done on an impressive scale.

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Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic recently spent a few days in Paris working on a new limited edition lithograph at Idem Studio. Inspired by the studio’s historical significance, the young artist spent his spare time leaving his mark on its exterior in the form of a new mural. Using brushes, he painted playful birds perching on the ivy that covers its facade. Incorporating existing elements of the architecture, his new mural creates the kind of illusion his street art has become known for.

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With Art Basel Miami around the corner, international artists are now trickling in to Miami’s local gallery scene. Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz has returned with his solo show “SUPERFICIE” (“SURFACE”), now on view at Product/81 gallery in Wynwood. His large scale murals (previously featured here and here) are instantly recognizable for their colorful, hybrid animals. In recent months, motfis of raven heads with human elements such as hands or skulls are especially prevalent. Diaz’s exhibition showcases a series of new paintings that mirror this dreamlike, or perhaps nightmarish, subject matter.