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Peter Saul’s surreal acrylic paintings have reflected, challenged, and parodied the status quo for the past six decades. In a new show at Mary Boone Gallery in New York, titled “Fake News,” Saul tackles the era of Trump in a new collection of paintings that rethink pieces of art history in the process. Saul was last mentioned on here.

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“I never imagined some of my pictures would be in Moscow,” says 82 year old artist Peter Saul. The San Francisco based painter’s early use of pop-culture cartoon references in the late 1950s and early 1960s has earned him the title of a Pop Art founding father, and to date, he has realized over 800 paintings throughout his career. A colorful selection of them made their debut on Friday at Gary Tatintsian Gallery in Moscow, Russia in Saul’s new exhibit, “You better call Saul!”