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Olivier de Sagazan, a French painter, sculptor, and performance artist, has long used his body as a canvas for his absorbing and disconcerting pieces. Using layers of clay, paint, and his own physicality, the artist offers animalistic and spiritual performances that both deconstruct humanity and go beyond its confines. He’s performed these pieces across the world, from Shanghai and London to spots across the U.S.

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San Francisco based Brice Frillici is a multimedia artist and performer who goes by the name of his unusual project “SEKDEK” (Spirit Extraction Kit, Demon Extraction Kit). It is an ongoing portrait series of himself, friends, and family members covered in colorful, psychedelic paint – and the result is fantastic and a little bit gory. Frillici describes his process as expressionistic painting by any means necessary; he spits, throws and spreads clay, acrylic paint, glitter, and flour onto his subjects, topping off their new personas with costume wigs, wild fabrics, and fake blood.