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Los Angeles painter Lola Gil is known for her surreal, dreamlike works that reference the artist’s own history and the form itself. Her new show at KP Projects, “Outside in Doors,” collect paintings created over a two year span, which explore the subconscious and toy with scale and memory. Gil was last featured on here.

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On Saturday night, Los Angeles pop-up space 80Forty transformed into Lola’s “The Younger”. Her exhibition, 2-years in the making, tells the personal story of Lola’s creative upbringing in an environment full of personal touches. The space included her own fireplace mantel, as seen in our studio visit, with decorative furniture and 3d pieces on display. As the title suggests, we follow the ‘younger’ Lola into adulthood through a series of playful symbolism. In her youth, Lola spent time drawing with her father, also an artist, and playing with the toys inherited from her grandparents. These experiences find their way into her paintings, featuring Alice in Wonderland-like little girls in whimsical situations.