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Leon Keer’s realistic paintings toy with depth, each a startling, larger-than-life recreation. In recent gallery work, the artist’s pieces take a nostalgic, and at times, playful turn. Yet, within the oversized Matchbox car and playful Gummy bear-packed Vicodin box, there are deeper perspectives being shared. The artist’s practice includes both street work and more traditional settings.

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There’s a secret to looking at Dutch chalk artist Leon Keer’s whimsical largescale drawings on the street. At ground level, one might mistake his puddle of melting gummy bears mourning their friend, ghosts chasing Pacman through a maze, or the excavation of a terracotta army of lego-men for abstract works of art. As in his latest piece created for the Malta Street Art Festival in July, which can only be seen from 10 meters high, you have to be in just the “right” spot.