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Texas-born artist Jason Limon moves into even stranger territory with his new acrylic paintings on panel. Several of the artist’s new works implement phrases like “Calling All Numbskulls,” pushing forward an idea that started with his “Three Letter Words” series from last year. Limon was last featured on here.

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Since January, Texas based artist Jason Limon has been hard at work on a new character driven narrative, “Monstrous Days”. When we last caught up with him, it was before his 2013 solo “Foretell”, focused on strange, hybrid characters in nightmarish imagery. His work always has a cinematic quality like an apocalyptic 1950s monster film that was never made. Classic movie monsters are traditionally an antagonistic force to be reckoned with who demand empathy from the viewer. Limon mixes these references with the inspiration he finds in equally perplexing nature. Take a look after the jump.