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Conrad Roset is a watercolor and ink artist based out of his studio in Barcelona, Spain. Roset, who was profoundly influenced at a young age by the enigmatic Expressionist, Egon Scheile, explores the sensuality and fragility of the feminine form. Roset’s new paintings are a continuation of his “Muses” project, in which the artist searches for beauty in the effects of the watercolor and black India ink washes.

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South Korean illustrator and cartoonist Kim Jung Gi draws energetic and fantastical scenes inspired by a mix of comics, movies, and his everyday encounters. His drawings became a Youtube sensation when he posted this timelapse video of his process, where he sketches incredibly without hesitation or visual references. Using primarily brush pen and ink, he works purely from his imagination, often distorting his images as if looking through a fish-eye lens.

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Based in Barcelona, artist Ramon Maiden embellishes pin up girls and religious figures with some serious ink. Using ball point pen, the self-designated “Dandy Delinquent” adds a mix of tribal patterns and old-school Americana to his subjects otherwise revered for their innocence.

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Italian born, Ontario based artist Toni Hamel describes her work as “an illustrated commentary on human frailties”. Working with oil and latex on canvas as her preferred medium, Hamel’s subdued illustrations draw from her personal experience and observations of life in Canada. In her most recent series, “Land of Id”, she makes subtle commentary about how we treat and misuse our environment and the effects of our actions. The series portrays both good and bad interactions such as deforestation, narwhal hunting, and Arbour Day, a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees.

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With her most recent series, “Viscera”, exhibiting this weekend at La Luz De Jesus gallery in Los Angeles, JAW Cooper creates intricately detailed mixed media paintings that stir up a sense of adventure and wonder. Rendering figures with graceful, technical lines and vivid, enchanting color, Cooper’s dreamy illustrations show people an imaginary archaic culture that seems foreign, but still familiar. Surrounding the figures are luscious worlds filled with exotic animals and luscious plant life than seem to live on the outside of the page.

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Southeast Michigan based artist Brian Spolans has a keen interest in the complex relationships between individuals and their societies and ecosystems. There is a narrative to be found in the way we interact with our surroundings. Titled “Dimensional”, his latest series of dimensional mixed media illustrations portrays mountainous fictional worlds bustling with small creatures. The series is an exploration of materials ranging from print making, acrylic, pen and ink, and pencil drawings that sit on custom made shelves.