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Self-taught Scottish artist Pinkie Maclure crafts stained glass works tackling contemporary themes while acknowledging the form’s history. The artist recently won the Zealous Emerge Craft Prize for her work, described as reinventing “a medieval art form to question the modern world, through darkly humorous stories and wryly observed imagery.”

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What makes the ordinary extraordinary? This is a question that Philadelphia based artist Amber Cowan continues to ask in her incredible sculptures made out of recycled pressed glass. Previously featured her on our blog, her delicate and exquisite works incorporate objects like candy dishes and tea cups that Cowan has salvaged from thrift stores, smashed up, and then re-fired into intricate designs and scenery. Many of these objects are vintage pieces produced by some of the best known, but now-defunct, American glass factories, making her art both a renewal and preservation of a piece of American history.

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English artist Chris Wood creates glass wall-panels that showcase maze-like structures that give the illusion of depth and brilliance through the glass’ interaction with natural and artificial light sources. The artist’s usage of small, reflective, dichroic (meaning “two color”) pieces of glass lets her easily create complex patterns of light and shade; the colors and textures that derive from these structures change in accordance to the position of the viewer and the angle of the light source, making her work an ever-changing, almost magical and intriguing phenomenon.