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Pop, outsider art, comic books, graffiti art, and other influences are blended in the striking paintings of Erik Parker. Mary Boone Gallery currently has a new show from the artist, titled “New Mood.” The artist is able to offer a mix of formats and approaches in this collection, from his widely known canvas works to his multi-layered “pyramids” and “plank paintings.” Parker was last mentioned on here.

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New York based artist Erik Parker is well known for his brightly colored, intensely layered paintings that employ an “organized chaos”. His style is a culmination of many styles, somewhere between the grotesque portraits of Francis Bacon and the imaginative arrangements of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, from graffiti to psychedelic album covers and cartoons. Parker once said that his aim is to “test how far he can go in the 21st century in taking the figure to the extremes of alteration,” and whether it be a figure or our television set, his extreme palette makes them look completely alien.