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Amsterdam’s Andenken Gallery premieres two tandem exhibits on Oct. 28: Evan Hecox’s “Northern” and Drew Leshko’s “Heaven is Whenever.” Hecox, an artist based in Denver, Colorado, uses his cinematic style to depict urban environments and scenes; Philadelphia’s Drew Leshko crafts paper-based sculpture that extracts objects, structures, and vehicles from similar backdrops. While this is Hecox’s fourth show in the Netherlands, Leshko shows in Amsterdam for the first time with his exhibition.

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Philadelphia based artist Drew Leshko (featured here on our blog) creates multi-layered paper and wood sculptures that beckon viewers to connect with a bit of nostalgia, while keeping one foot planted in the now. Leshko got his start as a studio assistant and fabricator for another sculptor just after finishing his schooling at West Chester University in his native Pennsylvania. Being strongly influenced by documentary photographers such as Walker Evans and Hilla Becher, Leshko creates sculptural commentaries that echo those filmmakers’ abilities to capture moments in time.