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Anthony Hurd’s vibrant, chaotic landscapes carry the complexity of our emotional states. They are at once elegant and arrested, inviting and dangerous. Overall, it may seem like a more abstract direction for the artist, yet in another sense, it’s explorations are wholly human. Hurd says several life events are in the make-up of this work: the loss of a sibling, the end of a relationship, mental hardship, and several other factors play into these paintings.

by Nathan SpoorPosted on

Sometimes life throws a wrench into our comfy plans and we’re faced with some big questions. As an artist, the question often is – do I quit and accept the defeat? Or, do I rise up triumphantly and make something beautiful to recapture this moment? Anthony Hurd is an artist that has learned to embrace the surprises in life as well as in his work, creating images that seem to arrive to us from some distant land. He depicts psychedelic landscapes of perilous beauty.