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Last Gasp Publishing, stalwarts of underground art and culture and long-time purveyors of the bizarre, have launched their fall publishing season with a fleet of new, quality art book projects. An independent company founded in San Francisco 44 years ago, Last Gasp is the publisher of our Hi-Fructose Collected book series and has put out everything from underground comic anthologies to artist monographs for the likes of Ron English and Camille Rose Garcia. Their Kickstarter campaign has 3 days to go. Help get these book projects off the ground!

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Micki Pellerano traverses different media like an alchemist. His work spans from experimental theater, filmmaking, to drawing — all of which transform and combine in a paranormal way to create what seems to be an ever-evolving creative canon. The artist has a show titled “Monoliths” opening on October 19 at envoy enterprises in New York City. Pellerano invited us into his studio to discuss his new body of work.

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To coincide with Frieze Art Fair in London this week, Saatchi Gallery is presenting a large group show titled “The Future Can’t Wait.” For the exhibition, 60 emerging and mid-career artists will be shown together in the historical Victoria House October 14 through 18. Vasilis Avramidis (featured in HF Vol. 26) shared a preview of his new paintings, which will be exhibited at the event. Inspired by the passage of time, Avramidis’s new works depict shadowy scenes that combine elements of landscape and still life. Architecture is overgrown with moss, demonstrating the ways that life goes on with or without human presence. Take a look at his new works below.

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As Halloween approaches, Copro Gallery is gearing up for their “Roadside Attractions” group show, a dark art extravaganza guest curated by film and video game composer Cris Velasco. Subtitled “A collection of oddities,” the exhibition features works in a variety of media. Some pieces revel gleefully in the idea of evil, like Clifton Harvey and Matt Dangler’s paintings, while others present insidious-looking, haunting specters (as in the case of Laurie Lee Brom and Chris Mars). The exhibition opens on October 18 alongside Chet Zar’s solo show, “All Hallow’s Eve.” Following the opening, viewers will have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the shows’ macabre themes at the gallery’s Halloween costume party. Take a look at our preview of “Roadside Attractions” below.

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Hueman, Erik Jones (HF Vol. 27 cover artist) , and Alex Yanes recollect their various artistic beginnings in “So Far, So Good”, now on view at Joseph Gross gallery. Notably, the show also marks each artists’ first in the famed Chelsea, New York area. Though having followed very different career paths, they have each arrived at bold and colorful palettes. Check out more photos after the jump!

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Those of us with office jobs often spend our days vicariously engaging with the world through our computer screens. As an antidote to the sedentary lifestyle, Jana Winderen and Marc Fornes collaborated on “Situation Room,” an immersive installation that will shake up viewers’ senses. Currently on view at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, “Situation Room” is described as a sound object. The enormous, hot pink structure not only envelopes viewers in a fluorescent, biomorphic mass. It also vibrates with sound when visitors crawl through the work’s nooks and crannies, which the artists say is a feature intended to make us question the ways we interact with our built environments. Next time your senses feel dulled, you can venture into the “Situation Room” through November 1.