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Dr. Propolus is the moniker of Austrian-Moroccan illustrator and filmmaker Ilias Walchshofer, who is based in Berlin. The artist takes found fashion spread and celebrity photography and adds flourishes of humor and intricate accessories with his signature black and white linework. Whether adding woodland animals, extra clothing, or something mythical in nature, these additions often change the entire tone of each original piece.

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Greg “Craola” Simkins

The 41st volume of Hi-Fructose arrives in October on store shelves! Pre-order the issue here. This issue’s special 16-page glossy insert showcases cover artist, Greg “Craola” Simkins. Vol.41 features include the art of soft sculptures of John Casey, the gigantic drawings of Sergio Barrale, the cinematic photography of Gregory Crewdson, the sculptures of Crystal Morey, the other-worldly paintings of Smithe, the installations of Crystal Wagner, the dream-like paintings of Shang Chengxiang, and the beautiful sculptures of Gosia. Plus, multi-page reviews on Marion Pecks‘s career-spanning monograph, and a book review on the pin-hole photography of Bethany De Dorest.

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Daniel Ludwig’s classically rendered nude figures appear to be derived from both a world of idealized beauty and one that is rife with human drama. Though beautiful, his paintings are filled with tension, as the subjects often appear in conflict with each other and their surroundings. In an artist statement, Ludwig writes that his recent work reflects “a yearning for classic beauty [which] coexists with struggle and chaos.”

Wilfrid Wood’s Engrossing, Hilarious Sculptures


Wilfrid Wood, the East London-based sculptor, crafts absorbing, occasionally hilarious faces and figures from paper mache, plasticine, and polymer clay. Whether it’s Mark Zuckerberg, 2016 Olympians, or less public figures, there’s both humanity and vulnerability in Wood’s work. Since the end of the satirical television show “Spitting Image,” on which Wood worked to help craft the heads in the puppet program, the artist has worked as a freelance sculptor.

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Italian artist Vesod exhibits a new collection of paintings and drawings in E-horizon, opening today at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco. Viewers will be treated to eight works on canvas and paper, as well as a site-specific installation. Vesod is recognized for his perception-altering creations that offer the illusion of three-dimensionality. He often depicts human figures traversing through geometric environments, which are reflective of the “eternal present”. The exhibition is on view through October 29.

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Andrea Wan, a Hong Kong-born artist based in Berlin, eloquently conveys both inner dialogue and a sense of exploration in her work. Whether it’s ink and gouache paintings or murals on walls across the world, her work is marked by a mix of human bodies, disparate objects, roadways, and other structures that lead in and out of the psyche. Wan was last mentioned on here.