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Known for their imaginative and expansive urban murals, Polish street art duo Etam Cru (HF Vol. 32), made up of individual artists Sainer and Bezt, has crossed over into the exhibition scene. Usually working together on blank walls as tall as ten stories with cherry pickers, scaffolding, and paint-rollers, the works currently on display at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles are smaller but no less ambitious; on their own canvases, Sainer and Bezt reveal the nuances of their own styles that blend together so seamlessly in their murals. While the artists themselves have noted that Sainer’s style is more photo-realistic while Bezt focuses on the cartoonish, “graffiti” aspects of their collaborations, both artists cross over into the other’s territory with ease and skill in their exhibition “Galimatias”.

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Last Friday, Fecal Face Dot Gallery opened two simultaneous art shows in their temporary gallery space in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond District, showcasing Mario (Mars-1) Martinez’s latest hallucinatory paintings in his solo ‘Everything Under the Sun’ alongside the eclectic, cosmopolitan group show, ‘11.11.11.’

Featuring zines, installations and paintings, the works in “11.11.11” differed in genre and technique, but all shared a spirit of playfulness and humor. Winnie Truong’s color pencil drawings tickled viewers with their furry-faced subjects, while the warped figures in Laure Dupre’s photo collages drew more than a few giggles. Ryan De La Hoz and Ryan Bubnis added abstraction to the mix, each contributing geometric, precisely executed compositions that still retained a sense of imperfection and quirkiness.

Next to the small-scale works in the group show, the paintings and sci-fi model city in Martinez’s solo show in the back room seemed enormous and awe-inspiring, engrossing the viewer in their intricate, astral landscapes. Between free tacos and the jazzy jam session by BLKTOP Project afterward, everyone went home happy. — Nastia Voynovskaya