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The London Police

The 52nd Volume of Hi-Fructose is coming! This coming issue arrives in July and features print-exclusive articles on: the paintings of Aron Wiesenfeld, the dynamically disturbing charcoal drawings of Anna Park, the bright and mysterious houses of Valeriya Volkova, the figurative paintings of Denis Sarazhin, Shyama Golden and the elusive Catsquatch, the graphic novel inspired sculptures of Troy Coultermanan, painter Max Seckel, the nightmare-fueled paintings of Sean Norvet, and Amsterdam street/mural artists The London Police on the cover, plus a 16-page insert on the art of Jim Woodring! Order a copy today here. Or subscribe today here and receive a subscriber-only exclusive sticker by Jim Woodring and a year’s worth of HF delivered direct to you.

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Brandi Milne

It’s the 51st Volume of Hi-Fructose! The spring issue features: The strange geometric paintings of Yu Maeda, the ornate head dresses of Magnhild Kennedy, collages by John Vochatzer, the powerful paintings of Sergé Gay Jr, the gravity defying art of Cintal Vidal, the elastic illustrations of Angela Ho, the dangerously dark world of Peter Ferguson, the glass sculptures of Amber Cowan, the autobiographical paintings of Stuart Pearson Wright, a review on the documentary and upcoming books of sculptor Stanislaw Szukalski, Plus a 16-page special insert section the paintings of cover artist Brandi Milne and more. HF Vol.51 arrives in April.

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AJ Fosik

It’s the 50th volume of Hi-Fructose! This landmark issue features: the figurative paintings of Prudence Flint, the suspended collage sculptures of Dustin Yellin, the dynamic painted illustrations of Shoichi Okumura, the graphic paintings of DABSMYLA, the beautiful and foreboding watercolor paintings of Annie Owens, the intricate upcycled trash sculptures of Bordallo II, the latest work of Audrey Kawasaki, a review of the latest documentary on Meow Wolf, and a gold foil-stamped cover feature on AJ Fosik! Plus a 16-page special insert section the paintings of Jason Limon and more. HF Vol.50 arrives in January. Subscribe today and receive the subscriber-exclusive Coloring Book. And see more previews on the click-through. Reserve a copy here, and for subscriptions, head here if you live in the U.S. and here for Canadian subscribers.

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This issue’s features include: the poetic figurative paintings of Lukifer Aurelius, the glitchy narrative mayhem of Ori Toor, The bold graphic paintings of Hilda Palafox, the ornate sculptures of Beth Katleman, the outrageous paintings of cover feature Erik Parker, the intricate drawings of Ben Tolman, art history and the reluctant realism of F. Scott Hess, and the new sculptures and paintings by Amy Sol, as well as a special report on the hand painted (and uber violent) movie posters of Ghana. Plus: a Special 16-page insert section dedicated to previewing the Hi-Fructose Presents: the Art of the Mushroom show and more. Subscribe or order a copy today. See more previews after the jump.

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James Jean

Coming this July, it’s the 48th volume of Hi-Fructose!
This issue’s features include: the ceramic sculptures of Katherine Morling, the noir paintings of Troy Brooks, the paintings of Aylin Zaptçioglu, the geometric utopian world of Tishk Barzanji. Then we discover the rolled newspaper sculptures of animals by Hitotsuyama Studio, and then we get a history of industrial art pioneers Survival Research Laboratories, followed by the awkwardly humourous paintings of Jang Koal, the sculptures of Samuel Salcedo, and the surreal paintings of Bruno Pontiroli and Lola Gil. Plus a special 16-page glossy insert section dedicated to the recent paintings and stain glass work of this volume’s cover artist James Jean!

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Joan Cornellà

It’s the 47th volume of Hi-Fructose! The April volume of Hi-Fructose features include:
The strange world of Graham Yarrington, the controversial painted comics of Joan Cornellà, the cardboard installations of Dosshaus, the hip-hop infused paintings of Ken Flewellyn, the block prints of Roman Klonek. We take off the mask of Miss Meatface, garden at night with painter Adrian Cox, go into the lair of Wolfbat, rediscover the paintings of Esao Andrews. Plus: a special, 16-page glossy insert section dedicated to the paintings of Erik Jones, and a review of Skinner’s pop-up tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. Edited by Annie Owens and Attaboy. Pre-order the issue here. Subscribe to Hi-Fructose today and receive an exclusive Ghoul freshener by Craig Gleason! Subscribe in the U.S. here, and subscribe in Canada here.