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In recent years, Mexico City has played host to some of the most progressive urban artists in the world. Many of them have come together in Celeya Brothers’ anniversary exhibition, “Cuatro Igual A Uno”: 3TTMan, Christiaan Conradie, Franco Fasoli aka JAZ, Fusca, Augustine Kofie, Lesuperdemon, Sten & Lex, Sanez, Smithe and Jorge Tellaeche. The group represents not only the freshman artists to show with the gallery, but also the city’s international draw, hailing from the United States, South Africa, to Argentina. Take a look at more photos from the exhibition after the jump.

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The Italian street art duo known as Sten & Lex have a unique style – the product of a peculiar hybrid process. The duo combine stencil art and poster work to create their enormous murals.  Using a halftone style like that of black and white newsprint photographs they apply huge poster murals to a structure.  Then the team cuts away long strips to reveal a portrait.  Sten & Lex’s murals are interestingly allowed to slowly disintegrate creating an ever changing work of art.  The strips slowly peel off the wall waving in the wind like party streamers. See more Sten & Lex murals after the jump.

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The Italian duo of Sten and Lex will be bringing their unique hand-cut “stencil posters” (as they’re both stencils and posters) stateside for the first time this coming weekend (October 16th to be exact) when they’ll be showing with HF-favorite Gaia for ‘Portraits’ over at Brooklynite Gallery. A celebration of the subject, ‘Portraits’ is an intriguing look into visual derivation as the three artists create conceptually revolutionary works in the typically tedious genre. As an added bonus, Drago Books will be on hand for the opening to promote the new Sten and Lex publication. Check out a quick preview of the show after the jump.

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Alex Grey is a leading practitioner of visionary art, which attempts to tap into the metaphysical and expand awareness. He’s done this through several mediums, but he’s currently working on an ambitious project far bigger than the canvas: an entire temple. Entheon is the name of the structure Grey and wife/artist Allyson Grey are currently building.

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Minnesota based artist Alex Kuno best describes his work’s narratives as apocalyptic, satiric fairytales. His mixed media illustrations are as dark as they are whimsical, following deranged subjects, often children, rendered in acrylics, graphite, chalk, ink, ballpoint pens and crayons on pine boards. His early series, after which he named his website, calls this world the “The Miscreants of Tiny Town”, inhabited by lost orphans looking for a home in an endless, foreboding landscape that has as much personality as its characters. Though nightmarish, there’s also a sense of romance in his young subjects’ undying desire to eke out a better existence for themselves. A story about romance is at the heart of Kuno’s latest series debuting on Valentine’s Day at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome.

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Originally hailing from San Francisco, Los Angeles based artist Kristen Liu-Wong doesn’t hesitate to admit that what fascinates her are subjects considered by most to be taboo or “NSFW”. Her candy-colored paintings play out complex scenes of figures often engaged in erotic acts of sex and violence that draw both horror and giggles from her audience. Among her inspirations, Liu-Wong cites 90s Nickelodeon cartoons, the intricate patterns of traditional American folk art and Native American pottery for specific motifs, and figurative artist Alex Katz, whose earlier Japanese woodcut inspired works can be seen in the way Liu-Wong composes her landscape of rowdy characters.