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The vulnerable, fantastical oil paintings of Scott G. Brooks offer both narratives and raw portraiture. Though the artist has a knack for large-scale, intricate scenes, he can pack immense power in his single-character works. Brooks was last featured on our website here. In a statement, the artist talks about where his paintings come from.

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Scott G. Brooks, featured here on our blog, paints offbeat portraits, often expressing a surreal narrative inspired by children’s books and his own psyche. Described as twisted, sentimental, and disturbing, his portraits are characterized by his use of wit and the distorted version of reality they present. “Using a language that is easily understood, I tell stories. I weave figures, symbols, and elements together to create a narrative to share with an audience,” he says.

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Scott G. Brooks presents a series of offbeat, satirical paintings for his solo show “Inappropriate Nature,” opening at Last Rites Gallery in New York on February 21. For the exhibition, Brooks says he took inspiration from the social mores we attempt to impose on ourselves, only to transgress our own rules. The particular topic he takes to task is our society’s squeamishness around the topic of sexuality, which in reality is a natural facet of human life. The artist pokes fun at our collective apprehensions and failed ability to curb our animal nature. Take a look at some of his works below.

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Scott G. Brooks is an especially versatile artist and illustrator.  While creating illustrative works for a large number of high-profile clients, his fine-art paintings are particularly impressive.  Brooks’ scenes are often elaborate, filled with detail and unnervingly surreal.  However there is also a subtler characteristic to his style which creates an unsettling effect.  A slightly stylized way of depicting people – their large heads, distance between their eyes – adds an additional level of peculiarity to his compositions.  The over all effect is a painting with a strange and detailed story to tell. See more of Scott Brooks’ artwork after the jump.

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Recently opened at NYC’s Last Rites Gallery is the dualexhibitions of new work by Scott G. Brooks (previewed here) & Fred Harper.Featuring a union of darkly nuanced portraits, exploring macabre twists on theart of storytelling & mechanics converging with the heads of beautifulwomen. View more images of the artwork and opening night photos after the jump.

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Mining the shadows of his psyche, artist Scott G.Brooks takes inspiration from his work as a children’s book illustrator tocreate a foreboding narrative exhibition, ‘The Luckiest Widow In The World And Other Tales Of Misfortune,’opening on December 3rd at NYC’s Last Rites Gallery. His figures,bearing signature anatomical exaggerations of the body, are set in far darker world than in previous works as the ‘tales’ focus on inner and outer manifestations of demons aswell as captured scenes of misfortune. The figure centric compositions unfurl apotent mastery of atmosphere and setting, where characters cast in perviousworks now meet with the moment of their doom. View more preview images fromthis anticipated show as well as studio shots after the jump.

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