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Originally hailing from Australia, now based in Los Angeles, David “Meggs” Hooke creates explosive figurative works and murals using bright colors and raw textures. For his upcoming solo at Beyond Eden Art Fair in Los Angeles, Meggs looked beyond his usual comic book and mythological influences and turned to his natural environment. Titled “Paving Paradise”, his exhibit looks at the duality of our relationship between nature and that which is man-made. “It questions our effect on the planet’s rapidly diminishing natural resources, and where our values lie as living beings on this planet,” he told Hi-Fructose in a recent studio visit.

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Australian artist David “Meggs” Hooke, opened his solo exhibition “Spoiled Rotten” at Inner State Gallery in Detroit on September 19. Using explosive bursts of colors and raw layers of texture, “Spoiled Rotten” explores themes of consumerism and over-obsession with pop culture as Hooke takes iconic images such as Mickey Mouse and yellow smiley faces and exposes their disposability.

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Interested in contemporary mythology, Australian artist Meggs explores the ways that epic narratives play out in pop culture with a new body of work for his upcoming solo show, “Heavenly Creatures” at Thinkspace. Meggs turns to comic book heros and mythical characters alike for inspiration, creating mixed-media artworks that appear to throttle through space with explosions of color. In his new body of work, Meggs’ takes his experiments with abstraction further, blurring representational objects and and subsuming them in geometric shapes that are clearly defined yet expressionistic. “Heavenly Creatures” opens April 6 and runs through April 27. Take a look at our preview of Meggs’ new work, images courtesy of Thinkspace.

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Last Saturday, Australian artist Meggs (whose studio we visited earlier this month) debuted his solo show at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, “Truth in Myth.” Mixing paintings, 2D mixed-media work, installations and sculpture, the show demonstrates the many routes Meggs took to explore the theme of mythology both in history and pop culture. Using his interest in comic books as a starting point, the artist created interpretations of mythological characters in his dark, action-packed style. Meggs painted murals on the inside and outside of the gallery, creating a conversation among the diverse elements of his work. Take a look at some opening night photos.

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Using primarily aerosol, Australian artist Meggs paints figures that appear to be hurling through space. His thin paint strokes create an illusion of motion and we cannot seem to grasp the subjects’ entirety in our eyes’ focus. The feathery, gestural execution is rendered in hellish hues of black, gold and red, endowing Meggs’ airy style with a sense of gothic beauty. Meggs is spending the summer in San Francisco as he prepares for his solo show at White Walls, “Truth in Myths,” opening July 14 and he invited us into his temporary studio to take a look at some of his new works.

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Melbourne’s Everfresh crew has been producing street art since their inception in 2004. Meggs is one of their founding members. He has recently come back from his first solo show in London, “Inner Demons,” and his work can be seen on walls and in private homes in cities like Paris, Tokyo and LA. Meggs is now in San Francisco setting up for Young & Free (previewed here), the largest ever Aussie street art show outside Australia. We had a chat about art down-under and Batman just before he jetted off. View more preview images and the full interview below.