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Multimedia artist Hilary White (covered here) creates vividly colorful sculptural works that delve into the symbolic, the altered, and the literal exploration of the “now” within the framework of time. White has an upcoming two-person exhibit with Hannah Stouffer, whom she originally found out about through social media. White found that Stouffer’s range of material and aesthetic to be something she immediately connected with, and set in motion the beginnings of what would eventually become the exhibit titled “Ingress Egress” which opens July 24th at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. 

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In her latest series, “Seer,” mixed-media artist Hilary White explores the possibilities of scientific progress and our faith in its explanation of reality. With her unique combination of painting and sculpture, her works have a cosmic feel to them, like portals into other worlds. By combining bright glossy colors with actual light sources and mirrors, her sculptures glow and come alive, becoming a mesmerizing bit of eye candy for the viewer to lose themselves in.

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Philadelphia artist Hilary White works with hand cut wood and various paint mediums to make art with unusual layers and combinations. Imaginatively depicted waterfalls and animals take on a three dimensional quality and pop out from the wall. Without hesitation she incorporates materials such as wood, acrylic sheets, oil and acrylic paints, aerosol paints, and glitter. White’s large-scale sculptural paintings are bursting with attention getting new wave day-glo psychedelic colors reminiscent of the classic retro pop culture of the 80s. See more after the jump!

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Living and working in Philadelphia, Hilary White creates large three- dimensional ‘sculptures’ formed from elaborate hand cut wood, brightly colored vinyl ‘ribbons’ and beautifully painted animals. Often created as ‘altars’ to the animals and biblical themes, the work speaks to the esteem of these creatures in a spiritual context. More after the jump.

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The compositions of San Francisco based artist Hilary Pecis go beyond above and beyond what one typically expects with contemporary collage. The internal components of the works collide and smash together, it’s an odd mix, somewhere between seeing a gruesome car accident and witnessing the birth of a galaxy. Hi-Fructose sits down with Pecis for a brief interview on her latest body of work, which opened recently at Guerrero Gallery.

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The number of events cashing in on Miami Art Week was extensive and impossible to list, but one that stood out was Sarah Potter and Hannah Stouffer’s prismatic “IRIDESCENCE” exhibit. The show took place in the 3rd floor Gallery at the Shore Club South Beach, where a friendly mermaid in the lobby pointed you to a futuristic installation featuring international artists including Justin Lovato, Adam Friedman, Lala Abaddon, Francesco Locastro, Gustavo Torres (KidMoGraph), Ultramajic, Jose Di Gregorio, Jonny Alexander, and Hilary White.