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Insa recently crafted a mural that comes alive when viewed through his app, GIF-iti, for the D&AD design festival in London. Resembling a computer desktop, complete with the folders “Final Revision," “Definitely Last Final Revision," and "Absolutely Last Final Revision," the project is packed with humor and vibrancy. The process recalls the work of MOMO and more recently, mapping projects.
The murals of Tamara Djurovic, also known as Hyuro, don’t just work with the unique features of a wall: Each integrates its makeshift canvas for site-specific narratives. Her works are often intimate scenes, moving between interpersonal tension and solitary whimsy.
Colorado-born artist David Rice creates stirring acrylic paintings that blend the figurative, abstraction, and notes from nature. His recent work “pushes the limits and boundaries of the physical world through his imagery,” a statement says. Rice was last mentioned on here.
In Aryz's recent, enormous murals, the painter is able to emulate the loose traits of a pencil or crayon sketch. The effect is deceptively simple, with the artist's broad strokes and figurative decisions creating a kinetic and striking final product. The artist was previously featured here, showcasing a style that varies from his current approach.
As a tribute to this “most wonderful time of the year” artists Lauren YS and Makoto Chi have created twenty-eight works (and a mural) for their new “Five Poisons” exhibition. We’ve interviewed the artists about the work. Click image above to read it, or else.

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