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Brooklyn based artist Allison Sommers mixes elements that are grotesque with natural beauty in her organic mixed media portrayals of animals and figures. Yet despite their disproportions and seemingly exposed internal organs, up close, her works reveal a certain charm and expressiveness. Featured on our blog over the years, she once told us, “I was always trying to draw existing animals as best I could, and once I knew I could draw them, they would start getting a little less realistic”, describing them as naughty creatures, tired beasts, delicious sausages, and exotic feasts. Opening on January 23rd at Last Rites Gallery in New York, Sommers will exhibit a new series of graphite on paper and gouache with mixed media on paper work in “What Passing Bells”.

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Allison Sommers, Jeremy Hush and Susannah Kelly share an interest in creating poetic imagery out of macabre subject matter. The three artists are presenting new bodies of work for their collaborative show, “Irresistible Atrophies,” opening at Portland’s Antler Gallery on October 30.

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Currently on view at Antler Gallery in Portland is a three-person show titled “Shrouds & Sinew” featuring work by Stacey Rozich (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 27), Allison Sommers and Morgaine Faye. These three artists dismantle the idea of the grotesque in their work, presenting visceral elements intermingled with the endearing and the humorous. Though working in different styles, all three artists ground their work in the natural world, whether telling allegorical stories based in the animal kingdom or exploring anatomy. Take a look at some work from the exhibition, images courtesy of Antler. See more after the jump!

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Culver City’s Thinkspace will be exhibiting at SCOPE NYC, which runs through March 10, with a solid line-up of artists. Featuring work from Allison Sommers, Kikyz, Stephanie Buer, Yosuke Ueno, Jacub Gagnon and David Cooley, the works in their booth range from macabe to abstract to heartwarming. Stand-out pieces include Kikyz’ disturbing, illustrative works, Allison Sommers’ visceral drawings and paintings, Yosuke Ueno’s candy-colored pop surrealism and David Cooley’s glowing geometric abstractions. Take a look at the works at Thinkspace’s booth after the jump, images courtesy of the gallery.

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Allison Sommers has let Hi-Fructose peek inside her sketchbook for our ongoing series Inside the Sketchbook. She is know for her complex compositions and highly detailed gouache images on paper. Animals, human anatomy, and various forms of vegetation are dominating themes within her work. I have asked her to give us some insight about her sketchbook and her creative process. Read the interview and see more of her amazing sketches after the jump!

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Inspired by historical wars including WWI &the American Civil war, Brooklyn based artist Allison Sommers will bepresenting her newest body of work, ‘Potter’s Field’ at L.A’s ThinkspaceGallery on January 7th. Featuring her signature style of miniature scalepaintings composed of gouache on paper, the clusters of creatures, eitheremployed as soldiers, beasts or nurses amongst others are engaged in action indarkened, war torn landscape. Illuminating the scale and inventivenessof Sommers who will also be showing one of the largest pieces she’s created todate, several of the smallest works are housed with antique matchboxes. Hi-Fructose recently had the opportunity to visit Sommers’ studio, take alook at her curious collections and a preview of the new work after the jump.