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In Alex Da Corte’s latest exhibition “Die Hexe,” the comedy of his sculptures turns heartbreakingly grim. His new work is housed together in a dreamlike installation that engulfs Luxembourg & Dayan’s three-story townhouse in New York’s Upper East Side.

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Painter GAMA was born into a nomadic Mongolian tribe whose lifestyle was closely in tune with the land and the changing seasons. His aunt was a prominent shaman in his community and his exposure to indigenous spiritual traditions at an early age continues to influence his artistic practice. GAMA’s new body of work debuts at Chambers Fine Art in Beijing on March 7. While GAMA received his education at Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, he is now based in Berlin. His new exhibition, “Idylls of the Kings,” invites us into a surreal world where human beings seem tiny and inconsequential in comparison to monumental, otherworldly natural wonders.

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Mixed-media artist Angelika Arendt spends her time merging her two preferred creative interests: textile design and fine art. Working in sculpture and drawing out of her Berlin studio, Arendt creates organic forms that seem to grow through each tactile form and line. Arendt studied Textile Design at Reutlingen University, graduating from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe where she received the title of a master-class student. In the following interview, we discussed how she received the esteemed 2014 Berlin Hyp Prize, platforms for female artists, her latest works, and her current exhibition at Haus am Lützowplatz in Berlin.

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Japanese artist Kazuhiro Hori (first featured here) combines soft, cuddly and adorable with depressing and morbid. His primary subject, highschool age girls, appear dejected and even mutilated by some unseen force behind this candy-filled facade. Slight and anonymous, they are almost helpless in this abnormal environment. In one painting, sugary syrup, flowers and toys ooze from teddy bear stomachs, emulating internal organs.

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In 2013, Australian architecture firm Studio505 completed the Lotus Building, a community center set atop an artificial lake in Wujin, China. The city government commissioned the sculptural building to serve as a public park and multi-use space with exhibition and conference rooms that are open to the public. The building extends two stories under water and visitors must enter it from below and ascend to a cathedral-like peek with large windows that allow for plenty of natural light. A creative architectural creation, the Lotus Building is a modern-day landmark in an age when architecture is typically minimalistic and functional.

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Bristol, UK-based artist and illustrator Owen Gent creates whimsical yet melancholy works that feature characters navigating a surreal world with a folkloric aesthetic. With water as a recurring motif, the protagonists of his paintings often find solitude in desolate lagoons and pools. Being around water is often therapeutic, and Gent’s characters remind us of its calming powers. His protagonists seem to submerge themselves to wash away their sorrows. Gent’s work is flat and stylized yet filled with prismatic colors, and his distinct approach stands out whether he is working on personal or client work.