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Many people experience a sense of loneliness in large cities despite the fact that one would be hard-pressed to find a corner of a metropolis where one could be entirely alone. Liz Brizzi’s upcoming show at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, “Adrift,” is a reflection of the artist’s solitary wanderings in Los Angeles. For anyone who has spent time in LA, one of the striking things about Brizzi’s body of mixed-media work, which combines painting, photography and collage, is that she leaves the streets completely bereft of people and vehicles. Brizzi’s Los Angeles is a ghost town, not so much to inspire fear, but to provoke curiosity about the less-glamorous corners of the city rarely shown in the media. Brizzi’s contemplative collection of artworks will be accompanied by Jolene Lai’s joyful solo show, “Play,” in the project room, where the artist celebrates the imagination with paintings of whimsical exploration. Both shows open April 26 and will be on view through May 17.

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It is impossible to have a show in Berlin called “The Wall” without it evoking political connotations — the Cold War and the city’s history. Such is the title of the upcoming exhibition featuring French artist collective Da Mental Vaporz (DMV for short) at Berlin’s BC Gallery. While not explicitly political, the crew’s gritty, sometimes grotesque subject matter speaks to a city’s evolution and the rough aspects of urban life. But the wall is also a reference to what binds the collective together: Its various members each have separate identities in the world of street art and graffiti. Walls are their shared passion. Read more after the jump.

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Last Saturday at Last Rites Gallery in New York City, Menton J. Matthews III — known as menton3 — opened “KATABASIS,” a solo exhibition that journeys through the folds of the psyche, manifesting the artist’s internal struggles through a haunting collection of paintings and drawings. During the intimate talk that the gallery hosted on Friday evening, the Chicago-based artist shared the meditative process behind his practice to a private audience.

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Mike Kelley is regarded as one of the most influential and perplexing artists of our time. The work he produced between the mid-70s until his death helped shape the face of contemporary art. His retrospective on view at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA has been traveling since 2012, but the experience here is unique. Every review you read will point out how the massive installations and audio works overload the senses. The show is literally screaming. Read more after the jump.

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Italian artist 2501 recently started a series of big trips and will continue traveling through October. The artist will visit such places as Australia, Mongolia, Canada and different parts of the USA and create works for his ongoing project titled “Nomadic Experiment.” Aside from painting public works and murals, 2501 will also make and collect parts for the indoor works that will be exhibited later this year. With a distinctive, abstract style that includes repetitive use of black lines and gold paint, his murals vary from geometric and precise to organic-looking.

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We are pleased to release a special book and Hi-Fructose exclusive print set for Brandi Milne’s new art book Frohlich, printed by the fine folks at Baby Tattoo Books. Milne’s beautiful 152 page full color hardcover, with elegant embossing and die cut cover, is a must for your art library. It’s filled with her beautiful paintings, drawings and sketches. And only Hi-Fructose includes a special signed and numbered print, “Joyful Souls March On!” with each signed book order! This special set is limited to 54 book/print copies and is available here. “Pretty girls, corpulent cakes, and big-eyed animals: The depictions of these in Milne’s work are ghostly remnants of a certain time and place that no longer exists, and these characters often have the feeling of a vague and fading dream,” said fellow artist Camille Rose Garcia of Milne’s work. Take an inside look at the book and exclusive print after the jump.